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Aquarium & Pond Resources

Swallow Aquatics is building up a comprehensive list of useful websites for anyone and everyone interested in the ornamental fish industry.

  • Tropica Aquarium Plants - One of our sources of tropical plants with an excellent index of a wide variety of plant species
  • Trop Aquarium - One of our sources of fish & plants, based in Singapore, recently winning several prestigious awards

Aquatic Organisations

  • O.F.I - Ornamental Fish International (worldwide aquatic trade organisation)
  • O.A.T.A - Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (UK aquatic trade association)

Aquarium Fishkeeping Websites

  • All Tropical Fish - Useful aquarium resources for hobbyists
  • About Fish Online -  Information on freshwater and marine fish keeping, aquarium maintenance, species profiles with photos, and fish health.
  • - Online source for freshwater and saltwater aquarium information, fish profile, planted aquarium, corals and much more.
  • - Tips and news from aquarist Owen James on tropical fish, coral reefs, aquarium plants, fish tanks, and any combination thereof!
  • - a great source for news, health, nutrition, conservation, captive care information and all things related to the tropical fishkeeping, marine, and reefkeeping hobby.
  • First Tank Guide - One of the web's oldest fishkeeping websites, established in 1994.
  • DIY Aquarium Background - interesting site that will show you how to design and build your own 3D aquarium background.

Fishkeeper's Humour

If you would like your website included in this list please contact us.