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  • Vivariums & Cages

    Vivariums & Cages

    We stock a great range of terrariums, explorarium, reptile dens, snake caves and cages suitable for all reptiles. From full-glass terrariums, to reptile dens and snake caves, we have the ideal home for any reptile companion. view products

  • Reptile Heating

    Reptile Heating

    A range of heaters for all cold blooded creatures. All of our heaters are designed to be safe and economical. Our selection of heating and basking lamps have been carefully chosen and tested for safety and effectiveness, ensuring your reptiles are getting enough … view products

  • Reptile Lighting

    Reptile Lighting

    Lighting and lamps for all snake, lizard and turtle vivarium setups, including replacement bulbs. Choosing the correct lighting for your reptiles can be essential to their development and at Swallow Aquatics, we understand the importance of creating the right … view products

  • Vivarium Decorations

    Vivarium Decorations

    Our natural looking backgrounds and vivarium decorations will bring your reptile's home to life. Help your pets feel more at home with natural looking decorations and vivarium backgrounds. The right decorations have been found to improve animals’ stress … view products

  • Reptile Food

    Reptile Food

    Here you’ll find reptile foods such as grasshoppers, shrimp, superworms, crickets and more. The correct diet is essential to raising healthy reptiles. Swallow Aquatics offers a huge selection of reptile food, including mineral rich tortoise food sticks, … view products

  • Reptile Treatments

    Reptile Treatments

    Medicines and treatments for reptiles and amphibians, including eye drops, antiseptic, shedding aid and more. Make sure your reptiles stay healthy with our carefully selected range of reptile treatments, including skin cleansers, medicines, antiseptics, vitamins … view products

  • Vivarium Accessories

    Vivarium Accessories

    A range of useful accessories such as thermometers, hammocks & food dishes to help you feed your reptile and maintain its vivarium home. Swallow Aquatics offers a range of high quality vivarium and reptile accessories and tools to assist you with feeding and … view products

  • Reptile Books

    Reptile Books

    Reptile books and resources to help you with the rewarding but sometimes challenging experience of reptile keeping. Swallow Aquatics offer a comprehensive range of richly detailed books to give you all the necessary tips and tricks when it comes to looking after … view products

Snakes, lizards and chelonian (turtles & tortoises) all make fun and fascinating pets and Swallow Aquatics have everything you need to make reptile keeping a rewarding experience. Here you’ll find reptile pet food, reptile vivariums and more.