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  • Pond Liners

    Pond Liners

    Here you'll find PVC and rubber garden pond liners, preformed garden fish ponds, liner underlay and liner repair kits. We offer liners from top brands, such as Aquacare and Oase. Pond Liners A pond liner forms the foundation of your pond and has several important … view products

  • Pond Pumps

    Pond Pumps

    Our range of pond pumps includes solar pumps, air pumps, filters and pumps for water features, water falls and water fountains. Our brands include Gemini, Hozelock, Laguna and Oase. Do I Need a Pond Pump? If you want the water in your pond to remain clear, free … view products

  • Pond Filters

    Pond Filters

    View our entire range of UV , biological and pressurised pond filters, from leading brands such as Oase and Hozelock. Pond Filters If you want your garden pond or koi fish pond water to be clean, clear and healthy, it is essential that you invest in a quality pond … view products

  • Water Features

    Water Features

    See our fantastic range of garden water features and pond fountains from leading manufacturers such as Oase and Kelkay. Types of Water Features Every serious gardener should consider installing a water feature as a way to enhance the visual and aural appeal of … view products

  • Pond & Koi Food

    Pond & Koi Food

    Pond fish foods, including pond sticks, pond pellets, pond flakes and a range of specialty and winter pond foods. Leading brands include TetraPond, NishiKoi, Evolution Aqua and King British. Do Your Fish Have a Favourite Type of Fish Food? Whether you are looking … view products

  • Pond & Garden Lighting

    Pond & Garden Lighting

    Our range includes plug socket boxes, rock lights, solar pond lights, garden spotlights, underwater pond lights, submersible LEDs and halogen spotlights. Pond Lights Pond lighting can create a stunning garden atmosphere, perfect for summer barbeques or Saturday … view products

  • Pond Treatments

    Pond Treatments

    Our fish pond treatments include pond algae treatments, fish disease treatments, salt treatments, water treatments, de-chlorinators and test kits. Find fish pond chemicals and natural treatments from manufacturers such as Gemini, Interpet, Laguna, NishiKoi, Nt Labs, … view products

  • Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

    Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

    Here you’ll find pond cleaning supplies and pond maintenance equipment, including pond vacuums, pond skimmers, nets, and a range of other cleaning tools. Pond Cleaning Supplies Keeping your pond clean doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our range of pond … view products

  • Garden Irrigation

    Garden Irrigation

    Garden Irrigation systems, including pond hoses, hose reels, hose nozzles, hose pipe connectors, jets, garden sprinklers, automatic watering systems and timers. Our range is suitable for all water gardens and ponds. Garden Watering and Irrigation Brands Currently … view products

  • Pond Plants & Planting

    Pond Plants & Planting

    view products

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Buy pond supplies online, including pond pumps, filters, liners and pond cleaning from pond supplier Swallow Aquatics, one of the UK's leading pond equipment suppliers.

Over the last 35 years, Swallow Aquatics has become one of the UK’s most recognised and respected fish pond supplies retailers, specialising in all facets of water gardening.

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