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Pond Plants

Swallow Aquatics has a growing reputation as Great Britain's leading supplier pond plants.

Our success has been built around our East Harling branch, where we have seven 90-foot polythene tunnels which have now been producing high quality pond plants for several years, giving us a second-to-none capacity for pond plant growth in the UK.

East Harling provides pond plants for all four Swallow Aquatics sites, which attract pond keepers from a substantial and rapidly growing area of the United Kingdom.

The pond plant growing facilities have been specially designed so that Swallow Aquatics can provide good quality plants covering a wide variety of species, without having to depend on outside suppliers.

We stock 30 varieties of marginal pond plants and 16 varieties of lily and all Swallow Aquatics pond plants are supplied pre-fertilised for a year and guaranteed to grow!

Deliveries are provided once a week throughout the Swallow Aquatics operation, and approximately 30,000 marginal plants and 4,000 lilies are in stock at any one time during the season - with all-year-round growing guaranteeing a plentiful supply of plants for each new season.

Our Best Selling Marginal Pond Plants Include:

  • Cardinal Plant Lobelia Cardianlis
    Variegated Orange Peel Plant Houtunia Cordata Variagata
    Umbrella Fern Cyperus Umbellatus

Our Best Selling Lilies Are:

  • Double Pink 'Madam willformgonera'Yellow 'Joey Tomidick'

Don’t forget to check back with us regularly - our covered growing area is being rapidly expanded and the number of varieties on offer will be increasing all the time.