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Pet Supplies

  • Dog Supplies

    Dog Supplies

    Treat your favourite canine companion with dog beds, dog collars, mats, harnesses and dog food. More than just an aquatics retailer, Swallow Aquatics are also a one stop shop for all of your dog’s needs! Dog Supplies and Accessories Swallow Aquatics … view products

  • Cat Supplies

    Cat Supplies

    Your cat will love our range of cat beds, cat food, litter trays, cat carriers, scratching posts, toys and much more. Everyone knows that cats are discerning, sometimes fussy creatures who demand only the best! Fortunately Swallow Aquatics can meet your cat’s … view products

  • Bird Supplies

    Bird Supplies

    Everything you need for your budgie, cockatiel or canary, including bird seed, bird feeders, cages, perches and more. Whether you’re the proud owner of a cockatiel, canary or a budgie, we have all the bird supplies you need, including bird cages and bird … view products

  • Small Animal Supplies

    Small Animal Supplies

    Great products for your rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, ferret, or other small animal including hutches, cages, pet foods and more. If you own a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or even a family of ferrets, you have come to the right place. Here you’ll find a great … view products

  • Chicken Feed & Supplies

    Chicken Feed & Supplies

    Keep your chickens healthy and laying regularly, with our range of chicken feed, disinfectants and medicines. Chicken keeping is a very popular and practical hobby, and the best quality eggs come from strong and healthy hens. Our range of chicken supplies includes … view products

  • Bird Feeders

    Bird Feeders

    Squirrel-proof hanging feeders to attract Sparrows, Blue Tits, Green Finches and other spectacular British birds to your garden. Here you’ll find an excellent selection of bird feeders. Bird Feeders and Bird Feed If you want to draw a variety of beautiful … view products

  • Wild Bird Food & Care

    Wild Bird Food & Care

    Specially formulated bird food for wild birds, along with other accessories for those interested in bird watching. Our bird feed products have been specially formulated to contain all the nutritional and tasty ingredients loved by traditional British birds … view products

  • Animal Ornaments

    Animal Ornaments

    Intricately detailed and realistic looking animal ornaments made from resin for animal enclosures and gardens. We offer a huge selection of resin animal ornaments, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Realistic and water proof, all of our ornaments are hand … view products

  • Animal Books

    Animal Books

    Learn the facts on how to keep your animal happy and healthy, with our range of dog and cat books. Having trouble house training your new pet? Are you a little worried that you’re not feeding your pet the right food? The answers to all these … view products

Swallow Aquatics don’t just cater for aquatic pet owners. Our online range of pet supplies provides UK customers with all the pet products and pet food they need, whether shopping for a much-loved dog, cat, bird or reptile companion.

Order Pet Supplies Online for UK-Wide Delivery!

Swallow Aquatics is not only proud to be able to provide UK customers with the most extensive array of aquatic pet supplies online in the UK, but also with a wide-ranging assortment of pet products for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals too.

Pet Food

We stock an enormous variety of pet food for all pets, available for online order and fast delivery for your convenience. Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food and Rabbit Food brands include Armitage, Barking Heads, Beaphar, Bravo, BTO, Caldex, Daily Diner, Gardman, Happy Pets, Harrisons, Johnsons, Kong, Meowing Heads, Russell Rabbit, Selective, Supreme and Tetra.

Cat and Dog Beds

We always have a great range of cat and dog beds on offer, to suit all breeds, aesthetic tastes, and budgets. We’re animal lovers just like you, so it’s important to us that your dog or cat is happy and comfortable with the right place rest after playtime! Our dog and cat beds come from top brands, such as Ancol, Dogit, Dog Gone, Hagen, Interpet, P&L and Playful Pets.

Hamster Cages

Swallow Aquatics can also provide you with the perfect hamster cage—one that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable enough to house your mischievous little companion in style! Ideally a hamster cage needs to be well ventilated, easy to clean and have a base tray that is deep enough to prevent bits of straw bedding and food pellets from falling out and creating a mess.

Hamsters also have an uncanny knack of squeezing through small spaces, so we ensure that the bars on all of our cages are close enough together to prevent even the most cunning hamsters from escaping!