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Marine Books

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Dive even further into the world of marine fish, with our range of inspiring and educational marine fish books.

Swallow Aquatics offers a great collection of marine fish books and resources, to help enthusiasts brush up on their knowledge of marine fish species and aquariums.  Our range includes most current marine fish keeping titles.

Marine Fish Books & Marine Aquarium Books

Our superb range of marine fish keeping books can provide you with all the information you need to get to take your knowledge to the next level as you further develop your interest. The key topics the books cover are aquarium maintenance and aquatic fishkeeping.

We can also provide you with books that cover: 

  • setting up a marine aquarium
  • water chemistry analysis
  • fish pharmacology principles
  • diet and nutrition information
  • marine fish behaviour
  • marine fish breeding
  • aquarium safety methods
  • advanced marine aquarium techniques
  • species identification, including photographs
  • species price guides
  • suitability ratings