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  • Marine Fish Tanks

    Marine Fish Tanks

    Our range includes nano aquariums, complete aquarium kits, small, medium and large aquariums. Explore our range of quality marine fish tanks for sale. Whether you’re after a tank that is great value for money, one that is stylish and chic or a large marine … view products

  • Marine Filters & Pumps

    Marine Filters & Pumps

    Includes marine filters, protein skimmers, calcium & nitrate reactors, reverse osmosis systems and marine filter media. Swallow Aquatics is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date range of marine filters and marine pumps on the market. Whether you need an … view products

  • Marine Lighting

    Marine Lighting

    Here you'll find marine aquarium lighting, including T5, T8, LED lighting and moonlight emitters, supporting both fish-only and reef environments with live rocks and corals. Brighten up your aquarium with quality marine lighting solutions so you can immerse yourself … view products

  • Marine Salt & Substrates

    Marine Salt & Substrates

    Reef and marine salt suitable for both ready mixed salt and pre-filtered water environments. Also see our sand, live sand, gravel and specialist planting substrates. Swallow Aquatics offers a complete range of marine salt, sand, gravel and specialist planting … view products

  • Heating & Cooling

    Heating & Cooling

    An extensive range of easy to use thermostats, heating and cooling systems to keep marine fish tanks and corals at the correct temperature. Marine heating and chilling systems are essential for maintaining a stable temperature for your fish and corals. Swallow … view products

  • Marine Fish Foods

    Marine Fish Foods

    High quality marine fish food, including microbial and liquid-based products, drip water systems, click dispensers and feeding granules. Our complete range of Marine Fish Food, caters for carnivore, herbivore and omnivore species. Swallow Aquatics can provide you … view products

  • Marine Treatments & Additives

    Marine Treatments & Additives

    Various additives and treatments including white spot treatments, fish lice treatments and fungus treatments. Fish Health and Selecting the Right Fish Treatments and Medicines Just like in human health, if your fish appear distressed, it is important that you … view products

  • Water Testing Kits

    Water Testing Kits

    Ensure your fish have the best possible water quality with our range of marine aquarium water testing kits. Swallow Aquatics offers a large range of water testing kits specifically designed for marine aquariums. We stock lab quality complete test kits as well as … view products

  • Marine Books

    Marine Books

    Dive even further into the world of marine fish, with our range of inspiring and educational marine fish books. Swallow Aquatics offers a great collection of marine fish books and resources, to help enthusiasts brush up on their knowledge of marine fish species and … view products

  • Aquarium Maintenance

    Aquarium Maintenance

    view products

Marine Aquarium Supplies

Swallow Aquatics offers UK marine aquatics enthusiasts the highest quality marine aquarium supplies at the lowest possible prices.

Marine Fish Supplies - UK Wide Delivery

Here you will find cheap deals on all the marine fish supplies you need for all levels of marine fish keeping. Products include:

  • Marine Aquariums
  • Complete Marine Fish Tanks
  • Marine Fish Tank Lighting
  • Fluval Hydrometers
  • Boyu mh400 Supplies
  • & Much More!