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Marine, Cold Water and Tropical Fish

Swallow Aquatics have nearly 40 years of experience with importing, keeping and exporting a huge variety of tropical fish, marine fish, invertebrates, koi and pond fish. All Swallow Aquatics branches also have display tanks containing large or unusual fish, many of which have been provided by our own customers who find that their favourite fish outgrow the tank at home!

Goldfish & Koi

Traditionally the starting point for most aquatics enthusiasts, raising Goldfish and Koi also provides stimulation, entertainment and relaxation for a lifetime. However your introduction to these remarkable little fish occurred, there is no doubt that they can provide a first class introduction to fish keeping. This, of course, will invariably lead to greater strides in the hobby, whether in the form of 'fancy goldfish' in a tank, other coldwater tank fish, or fish in a pond, including the beautiful Koi.

Swallow Aquatics was one of the pioneers in large scale importation of Koi to the UK. We sell thousands of hand-picked Koi every year, from 10cm babies to 80cm monsters, all are cared for and chosen by our expert team, who can provide you with the advice you need to care for your fish.


Always the focal point of any room, Cichlids’ highly diverse behaviour patterns and breeding activity inspire endless discussion. Cichlids are great for both experienced fish keepers and those who are looking for something a little more challenging than maintaining community tank fish. Swallow Aquatics offer a huge variety of wild-caught Cichlids from Africa, Asia, Central and South America, along with a growing range of species from our chain of specialist breeders.

Marine Fish & Invertebrates

Raising marine fish in an environment outside of the world’s oceans provides one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges in fish keeping. The colours are spectacular, the setting serene and for those who dive in exotic parts of the world, marine life brings very special memories right into the living room.

Swallow Aquatics' now offer over 200 species of marine fish and 100 invertebrates for sale and most importantly, have specialist staff to help answer all of your questions. Keeping marine fish is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and rewarding of the three branches of fish keeping (marine, cold water and tropical fish), and Swallow Aquatics can provide all the products and advice you need to get started.

Fish from All Over the World

Swallow Aquatics prides itself on being able to offer fish of every available species from all parts of the world. We are also constantly on the lookout for 'new' fish we think fish keepers might like to try in their tanks.

The large network of countries we import from might surprise you! :

  • Singapore - acts as the distribution broker for all parts of Asia including Malaysia and China. Fish imported from this area include Clown Loach, Gourami, Koi Angels, Neon Tetras, Koi and Fancy Goldfish. We also import soft corals and plants.
  • South America - we bring in fish from Peru, Colombia and Brazil and among the fish imported are Cardinal Tetras, Silver Dollars, unusual Plecostomus and Peckoltias.
  • Indonesia – We get a lot of Tetra’s, Clown Loach and a variety of Catfish. We also import Maring Fish, Hard Corals and Live Rock from Bali.
  • Carriabean – Marine Angels and Invertebrates.
  • Australia – Hard corals, SPS & LPS Corals and also some Clams.
  • Sri Lanka - from where Swallow Aquatics imports live bearers, marine fish, some Tetras and shrimps.
  • India - includes many native Indian fish such as Scats, Botias and Barbs.
  • Africa - Nigeria and Zaire. Social conditions in Africa often make it difficult to export, but our imports include Synodontus Catfish, Mbu Pufferfish and Upside Down Catfish.
  • Egypt - imports including Red Sea fish, Purple Tangs, Addis Butterflies and Semilarvatus Butterflies.
  • Israel – Koi Carp, along with all our hand picked Koi and Goldfish. We also import a selection of tropical fish and also marine fish as well.
  • Hawaii - Hawaiian marine fish, Yellow Tangs and Flame Angels.
  • Czech Republic - offers a unique importing opportunity for Swallow Aquatics. The company buys from a co-operative of small fish breeders who breed between one and three species in their garage, living room, even the outhouse! The exciting aspect of this business is that the fish leaving the Czech Republic in this way are not usually bred commercially in any other part of the world. The fish are of the highest quality and among imports are Neons, Cardinal Tetras, Clown Loaches and Rift Valley Cichlids.
  • Denmark - offers the company a wide variety of tropical tank plants.

Swallow Aquatics customers rely on us to find any type of fish they are looking for - if it's for sale elsewhere and we don’t already have it in stock, we will do everything we possibly can to get
it for you!

How We Keep Our Fish

All Swallow Aquatics fish houses use large centralised filtration systems which provide two distinct advantages—precise temperature control, and the highest possible water quality, which ensures the healthiest fish possible.

Our general tropical community fish tanks are specifically controlled to match the water chemistry in the areas they are located—Rayleigh, East Harling, Gravesend and Colchester—so that when fish keepers fill their tanks the two will match (they still need to remember to de-chlorinate the water first!)

Swallow Aquatics also takes pride in providing the very best in filtration systems, using biological, fine diatomic and ultra violet sterilisation to ensure optimum clarity and water purity.

You can visit our specialty stores to view our entire range of marine, cold water and tropical fish. Very soon we also hope to be able to offer much of our range of livestock for purchase online, with fast delivery straight to your home!