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Red Sea

  • Red Sea Salts

    Red Sea Salts

    The new formulas of Red Sea and Coral Pro salts are the result of years of research into the physiological demands of corals in the reef aquarium environment. These formulas are made with natural sodium chloride from the Red Sea that provides an unparalleled … view products

  • Red Sea Aquariums

    Red Sea Aquariums

    The Red Sea MAX approach to the coral reef experience is to replicate a natural marine environment as faithfully as possible. In the ocean coral reefs flourish only where specific physical conditions prevail, such as sufficient light, adequate current, … view products

  • Reef Care Program

    Reef Care Program

    The Reef Care Program (“RCP”) is the result of years of research into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS and soft corals in reef aquariums. The program explains how to be proactive and control all issues such as nuisance algae, coral growth and … view products

  • Marine Care Program

    Marine Care Program

    Res Sea’s Marine Care program (MCP) gets your aquarium reef-ready to host even the most delicate (small polyp stony “SPS”) coral species in approximately 21 days. The Marine Care Program (MCP) includes a complete kit of maturation supplements and a full … view products

  • Red Sea Reef Base

    Red Sea Reef Base

    Premium aragonite for marine & reef aquariums red sea live reef base for reef and marine aquarium Premium quality, natural aragonite high in essential elements. Promotes stability of pH and alkalinity (KH) levels. Easy to use, ideal for all marine fish and … view products

Red Sea is committed to providing complete reef solutions, allowing hobbyists like you, to focus on the beauty of your reef inhabitants rather than worry about water chemistry or the suitability and compatibility of aquarium equipment. Several significant advances in reef-keeping have been made possible due to Red Sea’s commitment to research. This ongoing, original research carried out by Red Sea’s dedicated team of biologists, chemists and engineers, brings great benefits to hobbyists worldwide. Red Sea’s unique research into the biochemistry of corals and their relationship with the surrounding seawater resulted in the development of the Reef and Marine Care Programs. Highly advanced yet easy to implement, the programs empower hobbyists with the knowledge and materials to understand and control the fascinating environment within their aquarium.