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  • Alfafol PVC Liner

    Alfafol PVC Liner

    The best prices on Oase Alfafol PVC pond liner you’ll find anywhere. These thick PVC liners are extremely flexible and easily moulded to the shape of your pond. view products

  • Oase Oasefol Liner

    Oase Oasefol Liner

    Find great deals on Oasefol rubber pond liner here. UV and ozone resistant. Tear and root resilient. Biologically safe and fish compatible. This liner does it all! view products

  • Aquarius Universal

    Aquarius Universal

    Formerly “Oase Neptun”. Compact, high performing pond pumps that are excellent for use with both decorative and statuary fountains. Buy online today! view products

  • Aquarius Fountain Set

    Aquarius Fountain Set

    Compact fountain pumps that come with removable filter wings, enabling easy cleaning and adjustment. 5 year guarantee (when you fill in the enclosed card!) view products

  • Aquarius Spares

    Aquarius Spares

    Official spare parts for Aquarius Fountain sets. Find all the spares you need for your Oase Aquarius fountain products here! view products

  • Filtral


    We have seriously amazing deals on Oase Filtral products! Filtral products are popular, multifunction pumps suitable for small ponds –clear water guaranteed! view products

  • Filtral Spares

    Filtral Spares

    Genuine Oase Filtral spares including replacement rotors, waterhousing and quartz sleeves. If we don’t have it, we can help you get it! view products

  • Oase Pond Lights

    Oase Pond Lights

    Oase have a large range of garden and pond lights with the Oase Lunaqua range. The Lunaqua LED pond lights are completely submersible, connected via a transformer and with low running costs are ideal for any pond or garden. view products

  • Oase Ultraviolet UVC

    Oase Ultraviolet UVC

    Oase are the market leaders when it comes to it Oase Bitron range and the units come in 24, 36, 55, 72 and a 110 watt. They have also launched a Bitron Gravity 55 watt which fits into the chamber of their Oase ProfiClear filter. Oase also do their Vitronic range … view products

  • AquaMax Eco Classic

    AquaMax Eco Classic

    The Oase Aquamax Eco Classic is their new entry level waterfall solids pump. view products

  • AquaMax Eco Premium

    AquaMax Eco Premium

    Huge discounts on all Aquamax Eco Premium pond pumps, including the 4000, 6000, 8000, 10000, 12000 and 16000 models. Order today. view products

  • AquaMax Dry

    AquaMax Dry

    Powerful filter and watercourse pump, specially designed for dry installation. Extremely quiet operation and can function below water level. view products

  • AquaMax Eco Twin

    AquaMax Eco Twin

    This powerful filter pump is ideal for large water features. The AquaMax Eco Twin can be controlled via remote, making it very low maintenance. view products

  • AquaMax Expert

    AquaMax Expert

    The Expert Pump range is a suitable pump for major water features. If you have a larger instillation in your pond then the AquaMax is essential. view products

  • AquaMax Spares

    AquaMax Spares

    The Oase AquaMax is a high quality, durable filter. However if a part requires replacing we have a selection of spares for all the AquaMax products. view products

  • Pressure Filters

    Pressure Filters

    Oase FiltoClear & BioPress pressure filters can be used below the surface of the water. This makes your pond more aesthetically pleasing and natural. view products

  • Oase Filter Spares

    Oase Filter Spares

    Spare parts for all Oase Filters. Low prices and fast delivery on all spares at Swallow Aquatics. view products

  • Box Filters

    Box Filters

    The FiltoMatic and BioSmart ranges let you know when your pond needs cleaning and begins cleaning the environment. Box filters ensure healthy water. view products

  • Module Filter

    Module Filter

    Oase ProfiClear is a self cleaning module filtration system which allows for incredibly clear pond water. This product requires minimal maintenance. view products

  • Pond Aeration

    Pond Aeration

    Oase pond aeration systems allow for increased oxygen saturation. The OxyTex & AquaOxy use modern technology to create far more efficient product. view products

  • Pond Skimmers

    Pond Skimmers

    The Oase SwimSkim 25 removes unwanted floating objects from the surface of the pond. Pond skimmers prevent bacteria entering the ecosystem. view products

  • Pond Hoover

    Pond Hoover

    The Oase Pondovac is ideal for ensuring a healthy environment for your pond life. Pond hoovers remove pollutants which reduce oxygen levels. view products

Oase Pond Pumps

Oase pond pumps and water gardening equipment open your garden up to its full potential with easy to maintain water fountains, PVC and other stunning water gardening features.

Oase pond pump technology is world leading and the company is also one of the most environmentally conscious brands in the sector. Oase's pond pump technology is globally recognised for its energy efficiency.

For the Joy of Water

Swallow Aquatics offers a full range of Oase pond pump products, which are sure to inspire enchanting water features and turn your garden into an oasis of colour and imagination. The company’s range includes both integrated pumps and external pumps.

All Oase pond pumps are backed by the guarantee of precise German engineering and over 40 years experience in the industry. Oase’s energy efficient technology will help you save money whilst helping create a mini paradise in your own back garden!