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NT Labs

  • Koi Care Treatments

    Koi Care Treatments

    Koi Care from NT Labs are a range of high quality treatments available for your Koi & Koi pond. Ideal to use in conjunction with NT Labs Medikoi range of Koi Foods. view products

  • Medikoi Koi Foods

    Medikoi Koi Foods

    NT Labs MediKoi range includes a range of fish food scientifically formulated for your Koi's growth and development. Includes Koi Food, Health-food, Vitamins and Probiotics. view products

  • Pond Treatments

    Pond Treatments

    Great deals on top quality pond treatments from NTLabs. Effective, fast acting, wildlife friendly and easy to use. See the full range here. view products

  • Marine Treatments

    Marine Treatments

    Highly effective products to treat bacterial infections in marine aquariums such as fin, tail, mouth rot, ulcers, marine white spot etc. Reef Safe and suitable for all Marine Aquariums. view products

The company offer water treatments and fish food solutions for a range of aquatic environments. Renowned for innovation and a high standard of manufacturing.

NT Labs are successful innovators of effective solutions suitable for a variety of aquatic environments and live stock. The company are professional manufacturers of water treatments, fish medicines and fish foods.

NT Labs – A Trusted Innovator in the Aquatics Industry

NT Labs is widely recognized as a trusted, high quality brand, which is reflected in the company’s recent achievement award for Good Manufacturing Practice. NT Labs has successfully expanded its range by identifying new niches within the market and developing products as a result of need.