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  • Nishikoi Growth

    Nishikoi Growth

    Nishikoi Growth pellet is one of the leading Koi foods on the market. Nishikoi Growth is a high protein Koi food and ideal to get the best growth out of your fish. NIshikoi growth come in 3 size pellets, small, medium & large. view products

  • Nishikoi Wheatgerm

    Nishikoi Wheatgerm

    Nishikoi Wheatgerm is a low protein winter food that is ideal for when the water temperatures drop below 10 degrees. view products

  • Nishikoi Natural Range

    Nishikoi Natural Range

    Nishikoi Natural range is suitable for types of pond fish and Koi. view products

  • Goodbye Range

    Goodbye Range

    Goodbye range is 100% natural ingredients and consists of their top selling Goodbye Blanket Weed & Goodbye Green Water products which have proven track records. view products

NishiKoi offer quality foods and products for pond and Koi fish keepers. Products also include the company’s ‘Goodbye’ range for use against weeds and algae.

Treat your pond and Koi with an award winning range of quality Koi fish food from Nishikoi, the UK’s leading Koi Aquaculture brand.

NishiKoi Fish Food

The Nishikoi fish food formula has been developed on the recommendations of professional Japanese Koi farmers and quality tested to provide maximum nutrition for your Koi. The food contains a number of beneficial ingredients designed to generate speedy Koi growth.

All Nishikoi food products are sealed in water resistant and 100% re-sealable P.E.T grade jars and are foil sealed to retain maximum freshness and nutritional value. All Koi fish food products contain no chemicals and are 100% natural. Your Koi won’t be able to get enough of their new Nishikoi diet!

The products we stock include;