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  • AquaForce Filter Pump

    AquaForce Filter Pump

    The Hozelock Aquaforce Filter Pump sets benchmark performance in head heights and flow rates, and is an extremely versatile and controllable pond pump. view products

  • Vorton UltraViolet

    Vorton UltraViolet

    Huge discounts on Hozelock Vorton UltraViolet. Includes all models. This ultra violet clarifier product is tough on Algae/Green Water. Models to suit ponds up to 27,000 Litres. view products

  • BioForce UVC

    BioForce UVC

    Up to £100 off all Hozelock Bioforce Pond Filters (models 3000 - 12000). Compact and highly effective pressurised UVC pond filters. view products

  • BioForce Revolution

    BioForce Revolution

    Top deals on all Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Pressurised Filters (models 6000-14000), featuring patented, easy clean system combined with a 3 step filter. view products

  • Pond Air Pump

    Pond Air Pump

    We sell a range of Hozelock pond air pumps to suit whatever your aquatic needs are. These products have had five star ratings from previous buyers. view products

  • Fish Feeder & Vac

    Fish Feeder & Vac

    The Hozelock Fish Food Feeder and Pond Vac are both great products because they purify the water and automate the feeding process respectively. view products

  • Pond Lighting

    Pond Lighting

    Pond lighting from Hozelock is available here. Some of the products we stock include spare bulbs, LED lighting and much more. view products

  • Bioforce Spares

    Bioforce Spares

    The Hozelock Bioforce range is one of our best selling lines. To assure they work well over time, we supply these Hozelock spares. view products

  • Pump & UV Spares

    Pump & UV Spares

    Pond pump spares are essential for long term pond maintenance. Supplies for products such as the Vorton Hosetail and EasyClear 3000 are all sold here. view products

Britain’s most popular gardening brand have consistently embodied a passion for creating simple yet highly effective water gardening products designed to make gardening a much more rewarding experience.

Hozelock is one of Britain’s favourite gardening brands, offering a range of pumps, pond filters and hose pipes that are renowned for quality and durability.

Great Gardens Made Simple

Hozelock combine over 50 years experience in the gardening industry with a clear passion for quality assured gardening solutions, making gardening a more rewarding experience for any enthusiast.

Hozelock built its reputation on creating products designed for dedicated horticultural hobbyists that need consistent results. All Hozelock products are engineered and manufactured in Britain and are designed to be extremely long lasting and easy to use.

We offer a comprehensive range of Hozelock products, covering all aspects of gardening, including: pond pumps, water features, garden hoses, pond equipment and high pressure cleaners.