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One of the world’s most popular fish tank designers, thanks to its ultra stylish and fashionable aquariums.

Fluval Aquariums

Fluval offer the latest in chic and stylish nano aquariums that provide an enchanting centre piece for your home or office space. Elegance, convenience and quality are embodied in the company’s innovative fish tank designs.

Fluval EDGE – Aquariums For Fashionable Fish

Whether you are just starting out on your fish keeping journey or are an experienced aquatics enthusiast, Fluval will have the right product to meet your requirements.

For unprecedented style and elegance, take a look at the Fluval Edge range. Fully integrated LED lights and clear glass design make this fish tank a stunning show piece and guaranteed conversation starter, whilst also offering a spacious and exotic home for tropical fish, aquatic plantations and even small domestic amphibians.

For beginners, why not try one of Fluval’s Marina Starter Kits. All kits come fully equipped with a trendy fish tank and all of the individual components necessary for proper tank maintenance, including a digital thermometer, quality power filter and fluorescent bulb replacements.