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Evolution Aqua

  • PURE Aquarium

    PURE Aquarium

    Award winning product Pure Aquarium consists of clear biological mass containing balls that help keep your aquarium crystal clear. Order online today! Launched in 2010, Pure Aquarium is ideal for not just new but also established aquariums. We are pleased to … view products

  • PURE Pond

    PURE Pond

    Pure Pond from Evolution Aqua is an award winning biological ball that helps you maintain a clear, healthy pond by reducing Ammonia and Nitrite. If you suffer from green water in your pond then look at the Pure Pond Bomb which is ideal for a crystal clear pond. view products

  • Koi & Pond Food

    Koi & Pond Food

    High quality food for Koi and pond fish. Evolution Aqua's range has been developed by people who care about fishkeeping, and have proven know-how. We only use ingredients of the highest quality to promote all aspects of health, growth and development. … view products

  • Nexus & Eazy Pod

    Nexus & Eazy Pod

    Evolution Aqua's world leading filtration system incorporates industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with exceptional New Eazy mechanical filter. Combined they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. It is extremely 'Eazy' and pleasurable to clean. The … view products

  • Evo UV

    Evo UV

    Evolution Aqua's range of Evo UV Clarifiers consists of the evo30 (30 watt UV bulb), evo55 (55 watt UV bulb) and evo110 (2 x 55 watt UV bulb). The evo30 is suitable for ponds up to 30,000 litres, the evo55 is suitable for ponds up to 55,000 litres and the evo110 … view products

  • Sequence Pumps

    Sequence Pumps

    Evolution Aqua Sequence Pumps are the leader in high efficiency and performance pond pumps, featuring low cost and legendary longevity. If overall value is the benchmark, Sequence products are the standard. Evolution Aqua distributes in-line external pumps for … view products

  • Matsuko Switchbox

    Matsuko Switchbox

    Evolution Aqua and Matsuko's range of quality, high performance switchboxes manage all the electrical needs of any pond and garden environment. Evolution Aqua and Matsuko's Switchboxes are ideal for controlling all types of water garden appliance. They give owners … view products

  • Detox de-chlorinator

    Detox de-chlorinator

    The Detox Dechlorinator from Evolution Aqua will make your tap water safe for your pond or aquarium fish. Eliminates the need for a costly de-chlorinator treatments. The Evolution Aqua Detox Dechlorinator will remove Chlorine, Chloramine and many other dangerous … view products

  • Eazy Connector

    Eazy Connector

    Evolution Aqua's versatile range of flexible PVC fittings. Eazy Connectors are an invaluable tool to stop a multitude of pond related headaches! This range literally makes glue and existing hard fittings redundant for any pond keeper, pond builder or anyone … view products

Award winning manufacturer of Koi pond filtration and water gardening products. 

Evolution Aqua offer a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of all types of pond keeper, from the serious Koi hobbyist to the more general water gardener. Evolution Aqua are best known for the Nexus filtration systems that are proven to deliver high end mechanical and biological filtration in Koi ponds up to 34,000 litres. Evolution Aqua also manufactures the award winning EazyPod filters, the Cetus Sieve pre-filter and the evoUV pond clarifier range.

Evolution Aqua’s product range includes premium fish foods that have been uniquely formulated to encourage the best possible development of all types of pond fish. GrowthPlus, Premier and Wheatgerm are available here.

A recent innovation from Evolution Aqua has been the award winning range of bacterial pond products called PURE. These bacterial products help to address clarity issues and problems with ammonia and nitrite in ponds and aquariums. PURE Pond and the PURE Pond Bomb are used to maintain crystal clear and healthy water in ponds, whilst PURE Aquarium and PURE Marine deliver outstanding results in freshwater and marine aquariums alike.

Evolution Aqua’s product offering also includes a range of de-chlorinators, Sequence pumps, Matsuko Switchboxes, and eazyconnectors that are also available from Swallow Aquatics.