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Fish Tank Filters & Pumps

Our range of cheap fish tank pumps and fish tank filters for sale includes internal and external aquarium filters, power heads, water pumps, air pumps, air driven filtration, undergravel filters and mediums. For spares, visit aquarium accessories & spares.

Swallow Aquatics gives you total control over your aquarium’s filtration process, offering a huge inventory of fish tank filters, fish tank pumps, components and filtration media. See what we have to offer below.

Fish Tank Filters

Maintaining clean water in your fish tank is the key to raising healthy fish and creating a clear, shimmering underwater aquascape that you can fully appreciate. This can only be achieved through a proper aquarium filtration system, which if set up correctly, should require little time and money to maintain.

Fish Tank Pumps

Our range of internal and external fish tank filters are perfect for small to medium sized aquariums, while those with larger tanks should also consider investing in an aquarium powerhead to increase water flow and prevent stagnation. This is particularly important in marine fish tanks, where water movement is crucial for the health and proper growth of your fish. See our range of marine pumps here.

Whether you are looking for an internal, external, integrated or undergravel filter, a new powerhead, air pump or UV steriliser, we have everything you need.