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Aquarium Heaters

Internal and External thermostatically controlled Aquarium Heaters from leading manufacturers like Boyu and Hagen. We also stock heater holders and guards.

Fish Tank Heaters

Healthy fish require a stable water temperature and can easily become anxious if the temperature of their tank fluctuates too much. An effective aquarium heating system requires an internal or external heater and a proper thermostat or thermometer to check that the temperature remains constant.

If you have a planted fish tank, heating pads can also be placed underneath your tank as the heat can help transfer nutrients through the substrate to the roots of the plants. Substrate heating pads are usually used simultaneously with a regular aquarium heater.

Larger tanks may benefit from using two or more heaters. If you need help calculating the wattage you require for your aquarium, feel free to contact us – we are only too happy to help!

Note: We only stock heaters that satisfy strict testing and safety criteria, have an electrical certificate of compliance and provide support from the manufacturer.