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  • Fish Tanks & Stands

    Fish Tanks & Stands

    The best range of cheap fish tanks for sale anywhere in the UK, including aquariums, fish cabinets and fish tank stands from all the top manufacturers, including Boyu, Fluval and Cleair. Fish Tanks Here at Swallow Aquatics, we are proud to offer among the … view products

  • Fish Tank Filters & Pumps

    Fish Tank Filters & Pumps

    Our range of cheap fish tank pumps and fish tank filters for sale includes internal and external aquarium filters, power heads, water pumps, air pumps, air driven filtration, undergravel filters and mediums. For spares, visit aquarium accessories & spares. … view products

  • Fish Tank Ornaments

    Fish Tank Ornaments

    A great range of aquarium ornaments, including air operated ornaments, aquarium cave ornaments, artificial plants, natural driftwood, plastic backings, decorative rocks and fish tank gravel. Aquarium Decorations and Ornaments When it comes to aquarium … view products

  • Fish Tank Cleaning

    Fish Tank Cleaning

    Algae cleaners and pads, gravel cleaners, power vacuums, scrapers, magnetic brushes, siphons, hoses and more. Swallow Aquatics’ range of fish tank cleaning equipment will help you minimise the time spent on ongoing aquarium maintenance. Our Range of Aquarium … view products

  • Aquarium Lighting

    Aquarium Lighting

    Buy Fish tank lights and aquarium lighting units, including LED lighting, spare bulbs and reflectors from leading brands such as Boyu, Hagen, Aquaworld and Arcadia Plus. All too often an afterthought when setting up a fish tank, the right aquarium lighting can … view products

  • Aquarium Heaters

    Aquarium Heaters

    Internal and External thermostatically controlled Aquarium Heaters from leading manufacturers like Boyu and Hagen. We also stock heater holders and guards. Fish Tank Heaters Healthy fish require a stable water temperature and can easily become anxious if the … view products

  • Aquarium Fish Food

    Aquarium Fish Food

    See our extensive range of aquarium fish food including cold water and tropical fish food, shrimp food, goldfish food and holiday fish food, from the likes of Tetra, Interpet, JBL and King British. Aquarium Fish Food - Buy Cheap Tropical Fish Food from … view products

  • Aquarium Accessories & Spares

    Aquarium Accessories & Spares

    Here you’ll find an extensive range of fish tank accessories, including water testing kits, tank dividers, thermometers, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meters, High Ranking Hydrometers, fish hatcheries, fish nets, algae and gravel cleaners, pipe fittings and … view products

  • Planted Aquarium

    Planted Aquarium

    Everything for aquarium plants, including fertiliser, substrate, CO2 kits. Aquarium plants can greatly enhance the appeal of any fish tank and Swallow Aquatics can provide you with everything you need to maintain vibrant, healthy aquatic flora. view products

  • Treatments & Medications

    Treatments & Medications

    Our aquarium treatments including algae treatments, fish disease treatments, salt therapies, water treatments, de-chlorinators and test kits. Manufacturers include King British, Interpet, Hagen, JBL and Tetra. view products

Aquarium Supplies

Swallow Aquatics offers an extensive range of aquarium supplies, including high end as well as cheap aquariums for sale, aquarium ornaments, filters, lighting and much more.

Aquariums For Sale

Be sure to check back here often - we are always offering new deals for the bargain hunters out there! We often stock cheap aquariums with cabinets included, as well as a variety of cheap fish tank filters, cheap lighting and more.

Aquarium Online Store

Our aquarium online store offers a great selection of aquarium lighting, heating, pumps, filters, ornaments, rocks, substrate and all the other aqurium supplies you need to get you started.(We also operate four UK stores, so feel free to visit us in person too!)

We also offer the best deals on fish food, fish treatments, medicines and water conditioner to help you maintain the right environment for your fish. Our range of fish food caters to all species and includes all the major brands, such as JBL, Tetra, King British and Hagen. We can also provide fry/baby fish food and holiday food.

Aquarium Manufacturers

We stock products from the following brands:

Visit our brands page for more information on the specific brand you are looking for.

About Swallow Aquatics

For over 35 years, customers from right across the UK have counted on Swallow Aquatics to provide them with the best range of aquarium supplies and equipment on offer anywhere in the country. Whether you are shopping in one of our four stores or in our new look online store, we pride ourselves on delivering expert advice, and the highest standards of quality and service.