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Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants play a key role in setting up, establishing and running a well-balanced tank.

Not only are plants the natural way of removing potentially dangerous nitrate from an aquarium, but they also add a colourful backcloth and provide a stunning means of brightening up the tank, while providing good hiding places for fish.

Swallow Aquatics backs up its spectacular range of coldwater, tropical and marine fish with equally spectacular varieties of plant life from major growers all over the world. Many of the plants we offer for sale are grown by the world renowned aquatics company, Tropica (visit their excellent picture guide to aquatic plants here.

We really have something to offer everyone and we attract fish keepers from a wide area who visit our four branches to 'harvest' the very best plants for their aquariums.

But don't just take our word for it, come along and see for yourself!

Among the many varieties we have for sale are:

  • Bunched oxygenator plants to add to a goldfish tank, or to cover filter pipes.
  • Over 30 varieties of potted plants, from ferns to ground cover plants
  • Plants for aquarium landscaping, from low-priced common plants to more expensive 'mother' plants.
  • Planted bogwood and rocks. Our bogwood is specially selected and allows the plants that grow within it to thrive in an environment that is as natural as possible. There are many varieties, including Riccia, Java Fern and Windelov. The latest innovation has been to add suckers to a piece of planted bogwood so that it can be placed above the gravel, providing enormous interest for catfish and other tank bottom dwellers.

We use display tanks with specialised bright lighting to ensure that all plants are kept in immaculate condition prior to sale, and are ready to keep on growing once they reach your home!